Do you answer “Yes” to any of these questions?

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  • You’re worried about the impact to your business of your website going down for even a short time.
  • You’re concerned about the rapid growth in traffic on your website affecting its performance.
  • You lose business because your website can’t handle spikes in traffic that occur.
  • You’re concerned about the spiralling operating costs the rapid growth in traffic on your website is causing.
  • You’re concerned that you are losing business to competitors with better performing websites, e.g. they are faster, more available, etc.
  • You want to deliver content to overseas locations with the same performance as local suppliers with minimal cost.
  • Your website infrastructure is unstable or needs upgrading to cope with the demands of web traffic.
  • Pacnet CDN

    Thirst for digital content is unquenchable in Asia. Opportunities are abound for content and application creators and distributors who want to monetize immersive digital experience and delight end-users with rich-media web content, seamless video streaming and applications that are useful, engaging and profitable.


    Pacnet CDN offers you a content delivery network with unsurpassed intelligence, speed and scale to help you get your content closer to Asia or deliver your content to the world. We offer you a suite of advanced turn-key CDN services that enable you to:

    • Speed up your delivery of digital media content
    • Improve the delivery of your web-based applications
    • Store your digital assets in flexible and secure environment
    • Monitor the performance of your network
    • Analyze your end-users’ web-viewing behavior
    • Deliver immersive digital experience you can monetize
    • Keep your customers happy

    Key Features:

    • Extensive self-owned network and state-of-the-art data centers in Asia
    • Industry-leading CDN technology from US-based CDN technology provider EdgeCast
    • Speedy Performance regardless of end-users’ location
    • Multi-platform support including HTTP, Flash and Windows Media
    • Global network of edge servers
    • Advanced reporting and analytics tools to monitor your network’s performance and end-users’ viewing behavior
    • Advanced security platform to ensure safe and secure content delivery
    • 100% SLA to guarantee consistent and reliable content delivery
    • Flexible pricing

    The Pacnet CDN Suite of Services
    Content Delivery Service – Our centerpiece CDN product, Content Delivery Service optimizes your content for the fastest possible loading times regardless of your end-user’s location resulting in a better user experience.

    Pacnet Content Delivery Service supports various leading-edge CDN technologies, including:

    • Content Caching – Brings your content closer to your audience by leveraging our strategically-installed caching servers, or cache PoPs, around the world. This helps reduce the amount of time it takes for the delivery of files, images and videos via HTTP to be transmitted from the origin source to the end-user, resulting in speedy website loading times.
    • Content Streaming – Supports live or on-demand delivery of video and other rich-media content, enabling the best possible experience regardless of format, device, location or connection speed.

    Dynamic Content Acceleration – Speeds up delivery of dynamic and static content for a variety of web applications using cutting-edge optimization and acceleration which enables up to 5X performance improvement for a faster, more stable experience for end-users.
    Content Origin Storage – Complementing Pacnet Content Delivery and Dynamic Content Acceleration services, Pacnet Content Origin Storage offers customers the ability to store their own content on our origin server platform using a cost-effective monthly subscription model based on the total volume of data stored.

    Value-Added Services

    Pacnet CDN’s value-added services allow you to take care of additional content delivery requirements with a number of security, management and reporting tools including:

    • Authentication – Advanced token-based authentication technology to help prevent unauthorized users from accessing and hot-linking your content, hogging your bandwidth or any other type of misuse.
    • Security –Encrypt segments of your network connections at the transport layer to guarantee safe network access.
    • Management Tools – Web-based platform supporting a host of administrative functions from managing your content delivery to managing accounts for your sites and controlling access to your content.
    • Reporting and Analytics –Comprehensive set of reporting modules that gives you total visibility of your worldwide site performance.
    • Custom Data Delivery Configuration (HTTP Rules Engine) – A powerful tool giving you precise control over the content delivered on your HTTP platforms.

    If you wish to know more about Pacnet CDN services, please click here and a designated Pacnet sales representative will contact you shortly.