Pacnet Global IP VPN


Consolidate your communications into a single secure private network with Pacnet

The Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) standard has revolutionized the corporate network. By adding labels to IP packets, it allowed the creation of virtual private networks inside shared IP environments ensuring privacy of information and the delivery of differentiated services for different types of applications.

Pacnet global IP VPN leverages advanced MPLS technology to deliver the cost benefits and flexibility of a shared network environment, while providing the performance, reliability and data integrity of traditional connection-based private networking platforms.

Offering a true path to network convergence, it allows customers to consolidate their voice, data and applications traffic onto a single secure network.

Key Features

  • A fully meshed network, offering any-to-any paths for robust fault-protection and the flexibility to easily add or remove sites to the network.
  • Five Classes-of-Service (CoS) subscription options with Quality of Service (QoS) levels for applications ranging from latency sensitive voice and video, to low priority email and Internet access.
  • Flexible pricing model including fixed rate for companies with more defined bandwidth requirements and usage-based model allowing customers to scale according their bandwidth demand  and application needs.
  • Bundled with value-added services including consolidated Internet Access, Remote IPSec Access and integrated voice services.
  • Varying speeds and connection interface from subrate NXx64K connection to 1Gbps  (Gigabit Ethernet).
  • Jumbo Frame enabling transmissions of larger-than-standard packets to support mission critical data and improve application performance without traffic fragmentation.
  • Optional remote access capability using IPSec Gateway port which can be used as primary or backup access to communicate with your corporate VPN or Secure Socket Layer (SSL) tunnelling over the public Internet for more secure remote connectivity.
  • Multicast capability to support cost effective delivery of data from one source or sender to multiple receivers across a variety of one-to-many applications including IPTV, online trading, video streaming, etc.
  • Virtual community Network (VcN) which allows the transmission of traffic over private network with secure gateway, allowing customers to share application services with authorized external agencies.


  • Managed CPE and firewalling from Pacnet’s Managed and Hosted Solutions services portfolio.
  • Network Snapshot Customer Network Management Tool, an option for our managed IP VPN service, offering password-protected, Web-based tool for real time traffic utilization, availability, traffic volume, latency, jitter, packet loss & MOS (Mean Opinion Score).


Australia, China, Europe, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Vietnam and the rest of the world.