The case for managed services


Reducing costs, while at the same time having an efficient IT infrastructure is a challenge faced by every business as they look to make the most out of their IT investment. The dilemma is compounded by the rapid pace of change in essential technologies and the need to retain skilled IT professionals. Increasingly, businesses are turning to providers with the expertise to help them monitor, manage, fine tune and enhance their applications.

Businesses, large and small, are using IT Managed Services as a strategic management tool that allows them to concentrate on their core competencies by off-loading the day-to-day IT management. This eliminates the need and high costs associated with maintaining specialised in-house personnel and solutions.

How the solution works

We offer an extensive range of services built around a high quality support model driven by client service level agreements (SLAs) that ensure the optimal performance of every application. The 24×7 solution provides enterprise-class hardware and software, best practice methodologies, and the processes to deliver consistent performance with a single point of accountability.

Benefiting your business

Our managed services are focused on delivering tangible business benefits that enable our clients to operate more effectively. This service provides-

Reduced operational costs –  by removing the need for in-house support teams and facilities.

Improved cost control- limits your capital investment

Increased business agility – our services are flexible and can scale to meet the changing needs of your business. Since IT Issues are quickly resolved, your overall maintenance and troubleshooting burden is reduced, whether during business hours, overnight or on weekends

Reduced business risk – all support complies with governance requirements and comprehensive records of all activity and action are recorded.. Your data is hosted within data centres that meet industry standards for security, performance and quality.

Focus on core strengths –  in-house IT teams can now focus on other business imperatives.

What We Do

  • Data Management
  • Software - Production Support and maintenance
  • Business-to-Business Integration
  • Communication Services
  • System Management
  • Email (provided by an Email service provider)
  • Internet (provided by an Internet service provider)

User Management

Network Management


Data Recovery



24/7/365 Monitoring 

Our Managed Platform


Agent Procedures
The intelligent, lightweight and efficient Kaseya Agent Technology makes every system on your network accessible and independent. Agent Procedures.


Audit and Inventory
Perform fast, accurate and up-to-date Audit and Inventory of computers, servers, and mobile devices. Deployable over the LAN, WAN, and Internet. Audit and Inventory


Kaseya Antivirus for Windows Workstations provides complete network protection from potentially dangerous programs and network attacks. Antivirus


Kaseya Antimalware utilizes technologies that are designed to quickly detect, destroy, and prevent malware while leveraging the automation capabilities of the Kaseya framework. Antimalware


Kaseya Backup
Experience the power of Kaseya's Backup to implement real-time automated disk remote backup, disk imaging, file level remote backup and bare metal restore for Windows servers and workstations. Kaseya Backup


Data Backup
Kaseya Data Backup simplifies and centralizes the process of managing, monitoring and reporting on distributed backups. Administrators access the backup module in the Kaseya UI to discover machines and set backup policies.Data Backup

iconDirectoryServices (1).gif

Directory Services
Automatically synch Kaseya with one or multiple Active Directories under a single dashboard, ensuring all company contact data along with systems information is up to date and readily available for IT management and remediation. Directory Services


 Endpoint Security
With the powerful Antivirus functionality you can enhance and extend support for the IT service delivery process by including an essential security protection component.
Endpoint Security


Imaging and Deployment
Capture complete computer system images into image repositories. Manage and deploy those images to targeted machines. Imaging and Deployment


Info Center
With Info Center's robust management reporting you have all the information you need to effectively manage and convey the status of the network infrastructure and communicate the value of your services. 
Info Center

Mobile Help Desk
The ultimate service desk management application for technicians and service desk managers who need access in the hallway or at home while ensuring escalation polices and incident remediation are properly followed. Mobile Help Desk


Mobile Device Management
Conduct all management functions of mobile devices from the same framework as desktops, laptops and servers for consistent IT systems management across the entire organization. Mobile Device Management


Remote Control
Using only Kaseya and a web browser, IT professionals can quickly and securely access any of their computers from any location. Remote Control


Implement proactive, user-defined System Monitoring with instant notification of problems or changes such as low disk space, processor spikes and memory issues.


Kaseya Network Monitor
Kaseya Network Discovery finds all IP based devices connected and interconnected to a network or networks, catalogs them within the system and allows you to manage them. Kaseya Network Monitor


Patch Management
Through Kaseya's Patch module, automatically keep servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and updates. Patch Management


Policy Management
Define, manage, apply and enforce IT policies across multiple groups of machines from a single Web-based dashboard, ensuring distributed machines are secure, in compliance and managed consistently across the organization. Policy Management


Remote Access
Live Connect provides a single machine interface to give you full control with minimal end user interruption. Utilize Remote Access and Remote Control that even works behind firewalls and NAT. Remote Access


System Backup and Restore
Business disasters like hardware and human failure can strike any time, its how you recover that can make or break your business. KSBR provides centralised control and visibility of critical System and application backup to ensure you are ready. Backup continuously and recover in minutes. System Backup and Restore


Time Tracking
A streamlined session timer built right into the Kaseya console, anyone using the system can quickly and easily record their time and associate it with a particular part of the organization (or customer) or with pre-defined. Time Tracking 


Service Billing
Ensure consistent billing by automatically tracking manual and recurring services delivered through the Kaseya centralized, consolidated Web-based management dashboard. Service Billing


Service Desk
Provides a comprehensive and flexible web-based helpdesk environment. Think of it as your Hub of Knowledge where your pre defined IT processes flow through a central repository creating a fully automated service desk strategy. Service Desk


Software Deployment
Providing the ability to completely automate the deployment and update process of software on a scheduled basis across multiple domains and remote computers.
Software Deployment


Time Tracking
A streamlined session timer built right into the Kaseya console, anyone using the system can quickly and easily record their time and associate it with a particular part of the organization (or customer) or with pre-defined billable or non-billable tasks. Time Tracking