The TCD Perspective

An Important Discounted Service


There is a very smart and cost effective way for your computers to stay productive and reliable. How about letting our experts rebuild them for you? Your PC will ‘degrade’ during the course of a year due to hard disk fragmentation, Virus and Malware and installation of other unnecessary applications (and programs). The normal lifespan of a business PC is normally 3 years due to technology changes. So before they hit that 3 years mark, a rebuild must just be the ticket.

We rebuild many of our client’s old computers giving them extra years of productivity. Here’s the good news! We are offering a discounted service rate for the whole month of February. Get your computer to us before February 15th and we will let you know if a rebuild is the right option... the most cost effective. If it is, you will have it back before the end of the month. Why buy a new computer if you do not need to? We also offer replacement computers, if needed, so you never have any down time.

The rebuild/refresh service normally costs over $450 (depending on the time spent). But until February 15th, we are offering it for a fixed cost of $380. We told you... we have great news!

Contact us now!

Yes, it’s first come, first serve!

It’s a great deal ...and the sale will not last forever. So don’t hesitate and contact us now! You can even leave us a message here, if you prefer. We promise to get back to you within one business day.