It is an old adage that 90% of business is marketing and the other 10% is your idea or product. It seems with the vast digital marketplace beckoning, business owners are finding this truer than ever. The know how to navigate the Internet in order to get noticed, especially for small businesses is an essential ingredient to businesses success.

But the reality is that many small businesses owners find themselves with limited marketing budgets and without a knowledgeable online marketing staff.

Here’s the good news... there are online small business marketing campaigns you can take advantage of without breaking the bank and there are also online marketers (like TMD) who will work with you to plan and set realistic goals to help you expand your customer base and sell more products and services.

In this 4 part series, we will explore 4 small business marketing tools that are cost effective and smart. The first one is Email marketing. This is a perfect place to start as an email marketing campaign can be extremely effective and should not be a strain on your budget or time.

Small Business Email Marketing

It’s simple- people use email daily, it works, and according to the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co, “email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined as a way to acquire new customers.”

email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined as a way to acquire new customers

What is stopping you from having a truly professional email marketing campaign?

Is it the time constraints... you just do not have enough time in the day? There’s the writing, the building up of your database and of course the time to follow up. Or do you find that you just can’t write sales copy about your company that does it justice. Maybe you are uncertain how to create a database that you can use for all your emails? We understand and are here to help. The marketing team at TCD have created the small business email trigger campaign solution. We adhere to three important elements- we always pay attention to your audience, the message you are relaying, and we never fall into the common trap of simply blasting out messages that are not substantive.

Contact us now. Email campaigns are cost-effective, are easy to share and your message is delivered quickly. Let the experts at TCD create an email marketing plan that will consolidate your database, keep you in constant contact with your loyal customers and help you build a larger client base. We will guarantee to work within your budget and time frame. Why wait?

Our next article will be about BLOGGING AND HOW IT CAN BENEFIT YOUR BUSINESS .