It is an old adage that 90% of business is marketing and the other 10% is your idea or product. It seems with the vast digital marketplace beckoning, business owners are finding this truer than ever. The know how to navigate the Internet in order to get noticed, especially for small businesses is an essential ingredient to businesses success.

But the reality is that many small businesses owners find themselves with limited marketing budgets and without a knowledgeable online marketing staff.

Here’s the good news... there are online small business marketing campaigns you can take advantage of without breaking the bank and there are also online marketers (like TMD) who will work with you to plan and set realistic goals to help you expand your customer base and sell more products and services.

In this 4 part series, we will explore 4 small business marketing tools that are cost effective and smart. The first one is Email marketing. This is a perfect place to start as an email marketing campaign can be extremely effective and should not be a strain on your budget or time.

Small Business Email Marketing

It’s simple- people use email daily, it works, and according to the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co, “email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined as a way to acquire new customers.”

email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined as a way to acquire new customers

What is stopping you from having a truly professional email marketing campaign?

Is it the time constraints... you just do not have enough time in the day? There’s the writing, the building up of your database and of course the time to follow up. Or do you find that you just can’t write sales copy about your company that does it justice. Maybe you are uncertain how to create a database that you can use for all your emails? We understand and are here to help. The marketing team at TCD have created the small business email trigger campaign solution. We adhere to three important elements- we always pay attention to your audience, the message you are relaying, and we never fall into the common trap of simply blasting out messages that are not substantive.

Contact us now. Email campaigns are cost-effective, are easy to share and your message is delivered quickly. Let the experts at TCD create an email marketing plan that will consolidate your database, keep you in constant contact with your loyal customers and help you build a larger client base. We will guarantee to work within your budget and time frame. Why wait?

Our next article will be about BLOGGING AND HOW IT CAN BENEFIT YOUR BUSINESS .

The TCD Perspective

An Important Discounted Service


There is a very smart and cost effective way for your computers to stay productive and reliable. How about letting our experts rebuild them for you? Your PC will ‘degrade’ during the course of a year due to hard disk fragmentation, Virus and Malware and installation of other unnecessary applications (and programs). The normal lifespan of a business PC is normally 3 years due to technology changes. So before they hit that 3 years mark, a rebuild must just be the ticket.

We rebuild many of our client’s old computers giving them extra years of productivity. Here’s the good news! We are offering a discounted service rate for the whole month of February. Get your computer to us before February 15th and we will let you know if a rebuild is the right option... the most cost effective. If it is, you will have it back before the end of the month. Why buy a new computer if you do not need to? We also offer replacement computers, if needed, so you never have any down time.

The rebuild/refresh service normally costs over $450 (depending on the time spent). But until February 15th, we are offering it for a fixed cost of $380. We told you... we have great news!

Contact us now!

Yes, it’s first come, first serve!

It’s a great deal ...and the sale will not last forever. So don’t hesitate and contact us now! You can even leave us a message here, if you prefer. We promise to get back to you within one business day.



As the founder and owner of TCD, I have seen some amazing changes in the IT world over the last 15 years. Throughout, I am proud to say we have stayed ahead of the curve, built a loyal client base, while remaining steadfast to our commitment of providing technology solutions that are cutting edge and cost effective.

2015 is a big year for TCD as we are expanding our services and outreach. One such outreach is our new blog page, The TCD Perspective.  I am embracing it, though writing one is quite a new experience for me. This blog page is going to be a vital part of our new online presence. Another key element to our expansion and commitment to assist our clients is Our IT Executive Consultancy and our CIO CONNECT icon. (Please don’t confuse this with our DESKTOP Help Button... that is our dedicated maintenance hotline)

IT Consulting Support

In our first blog,  we described the 4 different ‘stages’ of Business IT Development as-

1.  Problem Solving

2.  Maintenance

3.  Business Improvement

4.  Standard of Excellent


We are committed to assisting our clients during these four phases so when decisions need to be made and thought processes communicated, we are with you step by step. I believe it is imperative that every business owner understands the different resources available during the different business operational stages.

That is why I am offering IT Consulting Support for every level of business development. Your decisions should be made from strength not weakness. That is also why we would like to have an IT strategy-blueprint for every client. We want to be prepared and have the ability to leverage the the right resources at the right moment.

Take for instance - I was called to advise on a client growth and expansion plan, a new interstate office. By getting involved early and understanding the client’s stage of business development, I was able to save them tens of thousands of dollars and lots of time. I leveraged their current IT infrastructure and implemented a state of the art IT based solution.. With their network infrastructure and latest IP telephony, we created a virtual centralised telephone receptionist function. I was so happy that I was able to save them a bunch of money and time. So many times I am called in too late to really help!

I am determined to make it easy for my busy clients to reach me when the big questions and issues arise and discussion and strategic planning is needed.  Thus we came up with a creative solution. We are calling it CIO KONNECT.

You just activate the CIO Konnect icon on your desktop or mobile, we make an appointment and begin! Could there be anything simpler? Just hit the CIO KONNECT icon, and we assess your IT blueprint and talk out any and all issues. IT strategies change and we are always here to help. Let’s connect! Let’s do it!

There is no better time than now. It is a win-win. You are protected and I am happy!

WELCOME TO BLOG #1- An Introduction TO TCD'S Business Integration Process

Watch Your Business Develop and Grow

Our business precept is  ‘we grow by helping our clients grow.’ While we pride ourselves on providing problem solving services, it is our commitment to all four of these practices that allows your business (and ours) to grow and excel.

1. Problem Solving. This initial step involves the initial consultative process whereby fundamental IT issues relating to your      
business are addressed and resolved. This phase will help build your confidence in your IT system. By building a strong IT platform, you will be informed and prepared for the future.

2. The Maintenance Mode is how we control quality and efficiency by providing our clients with a Standard Operating Environment. This support procedure is invaluable as it offers businesses ongoing piece of mind knowing TCD will always be there to deliver on repair and maintenance issues.

3. The Business Improvement Mode relates to the exciting realisation that the growth of your business can progress beyond your expectations with the help of our IT business solutions. The technology and know how we provide day in and day out, is an essential ingredient to any business in this digital age. The progression of your business will depend on your technology working for you, not you working for your technology.

4. The Final and Fourth Step is the Standard of Excellence Mode which translates to your IT infrastructure working at 100% by supporting all of your business ventures. TCD is always expanding its capabilities, so we will keep you a step ahead of your competition. We do this by holding our staff and all of our services to the highest standards. Mode Four is operation excellence and what we strive for with every client.

This simple 4 step program is how TCD works with each and every client. We are your partner and we are positioned for success... Let us know how we can help YOUR business grow.

Contact us Now!

Please send us your feedback and add to the conversation. We are excited about our new blog page. You can look forward to weekly reports on TCD, TMD and the newest trends in the world of IT.