As the founder and owner of TCD, I have seen some amazing changes in the IT world over the last 15 years. Throughout, I am proud to say we have stayed ahead of the curve, built a loyal client base, while remaining steadfast to our commitment of providing technology solutions that are cutting edge and cost effective.

2015 is a big year for TCD as we are expanding our services and outreach. One such outreach is our new blog page, The TCD Perspective.  I am embracing it, though writing one is quite a new experience for me. This blog page is going to be a vital part of our new online presence. Another key element to our expansion and commitment to assist our clients is Our IT Executive Consultancy and our CIO CONNECT icon. (Please don’t confuse this with our DESKTOP Help Button... that is our dedicated maintenance hotline)

IT Consulting Support

In our first blog,  we described the 4 different ‘stages’ of Business IT Development as-

1.  Problem Solving

2.  Maintenance

3.  Business Improvement

4.  Standard of Excellent


We are committed to assisting our clients during these four phases so when decisions need to be made and thought processes communicated, we are with you step by step. I believe it is imperative that every business owner understands the different resources available during the different business operational stages.

That is why I am offering IT Consulting Support for every level of business development. Your decisions should be made from strength not weakness. That is also why we would like to have an IT strategy-blueprint for every client. We want to be prepared and have the ability to leverage the the right resources at the right moment.

Take for instance - I was called to advise on a client growth and expansion plan, a new interstate office. By getting involved early and understanding the client’s stage of business development, I was able to save them tens of thousands of dollars and lots of time. I leveraged their current IT infrastructure and implemented a state of the art IT based solution.. With their network infrastructure and latest IP telephony, we created a virtual centralised telephone receptionist function. I was so happy that I was able to save them a bunch of money and time. So many times I am called in too late to really help!

I am determined to make it easy for my busy clients to reach me when the big questions and issues arise and discussion and strategic planning is needed.  Thus we came up with a creative solution. We are calling it CIO KONNECT.

You just activate the CIO Konnect icon on your desktop or mobile, we make an appointment and begin! Could there be anything simpler? Just hit the CIO KONNECT icon, and we assess your IT blueprint and talk out any and all issues. IT strategies change and we are always here to help. Let’s connect! Let’s do it!

There is no better time than now. It is a win-win. You are protected and I am happy!