Performance Baseline

Why Create a Performance Baseline

  • Provides a quantified starting point for optimization efforts.
  • Provides a point of reference for future performance comparisons.
  • Documents the server.
  • Provides a reference point for capacity planning.
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Bringing it all Together

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*The Baseline Performance Assessment Report

  • Provides documentation of the current state of the server and instance
  • Provides a reference point for future performance comparisons and capacity planning
  • Provides a starting point for optimization efforts

* Baseline Performance Assessment is not a SQL Configuration and Performance Review (SQL-CPR®).

  • Not intended to replace a thorough server and instance performance review.

* An opportunity to recommend server or instance configuration changes

* Backup and archive the raw data

Next Steps

If it’s not broken, then it doesn’t need to be fixed.
– At least for now.

Monitor performance regularly.

Maintain a performance database.